Our Materials - What are we made of?

Our Materials - What are we made of?

Natural fibers are great. First, they are kinder on the environment. Cotton takes up to 5 months and alpaca wool up to 2 years [1] to decompose, while artificial fibers can take up to 200 years. This is very important because “fashion is one of the world’s most polluting industries [2], and migrating to more sustainable materials means reducing the negative impact the industry has on the environment.

Secondly, they allow for products to last longer, which means you can wear them for decades to come and, if taken care of, they will still look amazing. This also prevents you having to buy multiple pieces to replace ones that have gotten worn out, as the quality is remarkable. 

Thirdly, they are better for you! Natural fibers are breathable, while many synthetic fibers can be bad for your skin [3]. Pima cotton is also hypoallergenic and is unlikely to cause skin irritation, redness or an allergic reaction.

One element crucial to Genes’ essence is the materials the garments are made of. Every single piece, whether it be our Bowling Shirt or Maria Long Dress, is made with natural fibers. Our newest collection was made in 100% mercerized Peruvian Pima cotton, one of the softest fibers of the world, with incredible durability and quality [4]

Try choosing products made from natural fibers and you will see the difference - softer, greener, better





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