We are a Peruvian brand focused on creating long-lasting, high quality garments in order to promote slow fashion and conscious consumption. 

We seek to encourage people to select clothes rather than accumulate them. That is why we design and produce timeless pieces that can be worn and kept in good condition over the years. We use 100% natural fibers and have a limited stock per piece. Additionally, we make a detailed demand projection to avoid overproduction and to generate the least amount of waste possible, and all our packaging is a cotton tote bag that you can reuse, we also encourage you to recycle any box or bag in which your order was shipped.

Our mission

Our mission is to offer long-lasting knit garments, bringing awareness to the impact of slow fashion in caring for our environment.


Our people are our main strength. We make sure our workers, and our producers', work in good conditions and are healthy, safe, and happy. 


Our compromise to the environment is one that grows stronger every day. We care for the environment by reducing waste in our production processes and by delivering better products to our customers.


Our pieces are made with a long life cycle in mind, to prevent them from ending up in landfills. Each collection we put out is limited, to avoid overproduction at the same time we make each item unique. Also, most of our products are made using manual machines, which generate zero waste, and the textile waste that is ineluctably produced is donated to a fashion institute in our city.

Our certifications

We have been certified by Ethy, a third-party, neutral institution, on the following sustainability claims. 

To learn more about the badges we have obtained, click here.