The making of your pieces

The making of your pieces

Did you know that most of our garments generate cero waste? Genes always has as top of mind how to reduce the impact on the environment and that is why we keep pushing to change that “most” into “all”.

You may wonder how we can achieve it. Two words: Manual Machines. This type of machine does not generate waste because the knitting is made in the exact shape and size of the garment. These machines require to be handled by our weavers, passing the yarn and pushing the carriage along the way. Once we have each separate piece of the garment, they sew them together to create our designs, with no waste along the way.

This is why our weavers are one of the most valuable assets we have. They bring your garment to life! Their attention to detail and knitting knowledge makes your pieces look their best and be of top quality. For example, our Ina Skirts are made by our weavers using manual machines with lots of precision and cero waste.

The fashion industry produces 92 million tons of waste per year [1]. We feel like it is important we contribute to reduce this number. Our vision, being a Peruvian sustainable company that sets an example in our region, and that inspires customers to take care of the environment, will not be attained if we are not disruptive with the way we do things.

We make our pieces thinking of you, the people that create them and the environment: Our Core.





[1] Dean, C. (2019). Waste – is it ‘really’ in fashion?. Retrieved from

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